Here you can find all the guests we’ve had on the podcast, and where to find them!



Patrick Gruhn is the co-founder of the Silicon Valley Startup called Replex. He is a trilingual entrepreneur focused on modern IT infrastructure and aims to combine his ability to connect real business problems with underlying IT. He is also an active member of the World Economic Forum and a public speaker on startup, enterprise strategy and technology topics. 



Rotem Carmely is the founder of the online platform Clustered with a background in IT, Customer Solutions and tech. Born and raised in Israel, she moved to Berlin in 2016 where her ‘expat’ life led her to the search of a professional circle. A Founding Member of the women’s social and work club Word of Mouth in 2017, she then joined the global network Future Females. In 2018 she founded Clustered with the aim of helping women making meaningful professional connections with others by telling their stories in an honest and empowering way. She is also passionate about bringing more gender equality, equal pay and equal opportunities to the tech industry.



Nelli Hergenröther is the managing director of software consultancy Evenly with a background in project and product management and digital communication. Her working history includes a wide range of different companies, among them banks, agencies and startups and she strives to put the experience to good use at Evenly. She is also very passionate about inclusion, accessibility and cyberpunk graphic novels (don't judge).



Raffaela Rein founded CareerFoundry in 2013, offering online course in User Experience (UX) Design, User Interface (UI) Design and Web Development. She is dedicated to educating and consulting on creating a world-class user experience. She is also a frequent speaker on user experience, new world of work and entrepreneurship. She was named amongst the Top Women in Tech by Forbes and European Innovator of the Year by StartupEurope. 



Christoph is the founder of the accelerator programme Berlin Startup Academy and has been a startup founder, investor, writer, speaker, and mentor for almost 20 years. He joined his first startup team in 1999 and has been hosting tech events since 2008, leading accelerators since 2010. In the last two years, he has been particularly active working with leadership teams of large German and European corporations and social startups.



Georgiana Ghiciuc is CEO & Founder of the digital marketing agency Beaglecat. She also recently started a new project called Occurrency, a Berlin-based digital magazine on block-chain related issues. She describes herself as a creative entrepreneur and pragmatic visionary. She is passionate about content marketing and finds the process of increasing the website visibility of B2B tech startups to be highly rewarding. 



Olga Heuser is the CEO and co-founder of DialogShift, a startup helping hotels and travel companies to connect with their customers via messaging. She started her career as a Policy & Research Assistant at the Deutscher Bundestag before co-founding DialogShift in 2018. 



Sophie Chung is the CEO and co-founder of Qunomedical, a Berlin-based digital healthcare platform that is providing patients with the highest quality information on doctors, clinics and care worldwide. She gained first-hand experience working as a Medical Doctor in Australia before joining McKinsey & Company as an Engagement Manager. She then worked as a Director of Healthcare Strategy for the medical tech company ZocDoc in New York. Quonomedical helps patients find affordable, high-quality medical care worldwide


Burkhard Kieker is the CEO of visitBerlin and is responsible for promoting Germany’s capital city globally in the tourism and convention sector, and for maintaining and developing the brand of Berlin. Prior to joining Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH, he worked for the Deutsche Lufthansa AG and was Head of Aviation Marketing for the Berlin airports. Previously, his career had focused on the world of journalism, working for RIAS Berlin, later for the weekly DIE ZEIT in Hamburg, and then for Deutsche Welle TV.

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Doreen is one of the most respected female entrepreneurs in Germany. As the Founder & CEO of LEMONCAT, she is successfully digitalizing the market for business catering. After starting out as an entrepreneur in various companies with a strong focus on sales, she especially left a mark in the European startup scene in her roles as CSO at Lieferheld & COO of Delivery Hero (EUR 1bn IPO in 2017).



Volker Thum is the managing director at BDLI, the German Aerospace Industries Association. An industrial engineer by trade, prior to coming into this role Thum worked at Airbus for 24 years both in France and Germany as the head of the Bremen plant and site, the second-largest site in Germany as well as head of Aerostructure Procurement in Toulouse.



Bettina Hausmann has twenty years’ experience in advising high-level corporate and public clients in communications. Since 2012, she has been focusing on executive training and coaching as a qualified executive coach. She also represents the Management Centre Europe as a Senior Associate and recently supported the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform as Interim CEO, for which she continues working as an external advisor. Furthermore, her prior positions in public policy enable her to communicate on complex subject matters at the highest level. 


Toby is a communications specialist in the Travel & Tourism industry and has been running Uniting Travel since 2017, ensuring that the global travel sector speaks with one voice. He started his professional career as a journalist and then switched to PR, namely working for EasyJet as Director of Public Affairs and reporting to the CEO (approx. 10 years). He joined the World Travel & Tourism Council in 2011 fulfilling a variety of communications and advocacy roles and to which he today remains a Marketing & Communications Adviser. 


Anne Kjær Riechert is the founder of the ReDI School of Digital Integration, teaching coding to asylum seekers and refugees in Berlin. Since 2006, Anne has managed her own humanitarian project, Kids Have a Dream, which organises global workshops to empower youth through drawings and discussions about their dreams for the future. The project has reached over 3000 children in 22 countries from Baghdad to Bangladesh, from Canada to Kenya. In 2012 Anne was recognized by Berlingske Business Magazine asone of Denmark ́s 10 largest talents under 35 years, in the "Business Development" category.